tSIP howto

Few less than obvious to use or configure functions and few other links collected from main page.
Call transfer
Attended transfer and call pickup with BLF
Direct IP calls
Voice mailbox
SIP originate
Preprocess number / SetCallTarget()
Scripting and custom Lua function list
Lua script examples
Scripting: luacheck integration
JSON settings for Lua scripts (template)
Calling script from command line and call queue example
NirCmd and volume control
sox: flexible audio player
Playing local DTMF audio for keypad with Lua and sox
Auto answer when idle
Lua: RecordStart()
Recording pausing, resuming and recording status
Video doorphone
Browser integration
Switching input and output audio devices during call
Access-URL support (sending links from PABX to softphone)
Lua: GetInitialRxInvite()
Lua: GetRxDtmf() - IVR applications
Console-only mode
FT232RL module as GPIO
Playing audio file during call
Compressing recordings using opusenc.exe
Lua: UpdateSettings()
Lua: play sound on BLF state change
Lua: "on programmable button" script event
example setup for "Lenny"
Time-based auto answer
Making outgoing call and playing file in loop
Mute all applications except tSIP during the call
Shared phonebook, shared contact notes
Provisioning with curl
Editing settings with JSONedit
TCP client plugin
XML (Yealink-like) phonebook import
telefonia.blog.tartanga.eus: asterisk BLF configuration
GUI customization in tSIP 0.2

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