$15 AT91SAM7S board

Simplest AT91SAM7S starterkit:

Don't you know how to use this? Take a look at Atmel example of Mass Storage Device ;), bad this is under NDA only. Nice flashdrive, not so fast and capacious (29kB) though;].

2006.02.07  Found problem with CDC (basicUSB project) and motherboard with SIS7001 USB controller. Device works OK with KT600, KT880 motherboards, also there is no problem with MSD and custom USB (USBlibrary.dll) to SIS communication - probably quite unusual Atmel firmware bug.

2006.02.10  Problem with CDC solved thanks to Leo Havmoller. There is wrong declararation of endpoint 3 as isochronous - should be interrupt, both in AT91RM9200 and AT91SAM7S firmware.

simpleARMboard.zip (111kB)

Some photos:

100_0577.jpg 100_0578.jpg 100_0576.jpg mass_storage_AT91SAM7S.png

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