miniscope v2

Simple but useful miniature digital storage oscilloscope with USB interface. Additional data logger mode for long-term measuring. Based on AT91SAM7S64 microcontroller.

Software and communication protocol are based on previous two DSO projects.

Electric scheme
Brief documentation (updated with sources): armscope doxygen

Firmware version 20090613 (7-zip 114 kB)
armscope_dll_0_0_7.7z - input DLL for miniscope v3 application
armscope_dll_0_0_8.7z - input DLL for miniscope v3 application, version 0.0.8 with sensitivity calibration
armscope_dll_0_0_9.7z - increased receive buffer size

2009.09.21 New ARM firmware and device library - increased maximum sampling frequency from 300 kSps to 500 kSps. Receiving buffer size for dll set to 512 B.
Firmware 20090921, compiled with WinARM 20070505

2009.09.23 Added C29 1nF near ADC input of microcontroller - output noise was greatly reduced. D'oh!
Electric scheme 2009.09.23

2009.10.12 Little improvement to speed of fetching data from device. Added 500Hz sampling setting.

2009.10.18 Some changes to read/write queue scheme.

2010.03.11 Added alternative firmware + dll set working with this hardware - miniscope v2a.

2010.03.19 Probably first (not counting my prototype) device based on miniscope v2, photo sent by Jakub Niziołek. Circuit was splitted into two boards: analog and digital part. Analog part is slightly simplified (no sensitivity and coupling type selection).
miniscope v2
miniscope v2

2010.04.18 Corrected inaccurate sampling period reported to GUI application (mostly when selected highest sampling frequency - almost 2% error). Similar fix applied to miniscope v2a library.

2010.04.22 Added some description of armscope v2 scheme.

2011.06.22 Miniscope v2 turns obsolete. New hardware project (eagle) is moved to miniscope v2b page.

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