tSIP: call transfer and pickup with BLF

Currently tSIP softphone handles only one call at a time, thus attended transfer function must use special DTMF code. For asterisk PABX attended transfer usually uses "*2" code. Since tSIP function keys are programmable my recommendation would be creating DTMF key with this code described as attended transfer or FLASH (if your PABX supports it). To use BLF keys for attended transfer select "send digits" as BLF action during call and enter "*2" as BLF DTMF prefix during call.
Attended transfer with BLF button

"BLF: override dialed number" section of BLF button configuration can have multiple uses, e.g. it allows having different digits dialed by button press than number that BLF subscribes so. By entering call pickup code (either group pickup or individual phone pickup) into override for state early BLF button works as call pickup when someone calls that extension (by default: yellow phone icon on BLF button). This works same way as with Yealink phones.
Call pickup with BLF button

More on asterisk feature codes: https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Feature+Code+Call+Transfers.

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