tSIP 0.2.08: flat GUI example

Flat GUI built entirely from programmable buttons, allowing to call few free SIP test services.

Application behavior is mostly defined by Lua scripts. There's more than one way to skin a cat and this is a very simple example, but I believe splitting code across few script files (e.g. one to define used button numbers, other to define possible GUI states) is a way to make it manageable. Included luacheck.exe used by built-in Lua editor should be useful to catch some typos early.

Running as borderless window instead of kiosk mode to keep consistent look with different screen resolutions - can be dragged with mouse if clicked on empty area.

If this type of application would be distributed like a kiosk application, buttons like "Show log" and "Settings" should probably be hidden and popup menu for buttons should be disabled ("Speed Dial" settings page).

tSIP flat GUI

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