TCP/IP thermometer

Simple on-line thermometer. Location: Gdańsk, Poland.

Last report:   Temp: 28.2C RH: 85% 1006hPa 14:10

Last 24h:
Minimum temperature: 16.9°C, maximum: 33.1°C.
Uptime: 99%.
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Version 1. Hardware: Atmega8 (RS232), DS1820, software: LabWindows. IM integration with FreeGG and Unicom.
ATmega8 thermometer
Source: combines

Source was used with WinAVR from 2004 or 2005 - most likely it would require some changes to compile with newer WinAVR/avr-gcc/avr-libc.

Version 2. Hardware: PIC18F4550 (USB), DS1820, software written with BCB, integration with mySQL database, integration with IM using AQQ plugin. Microcontroller firmware was Microchip CDC example from MCHPUSB package with changes (1-wire and some text formatting) in user.c file.
PIC18F4550 thermometer
Scheme: pic18f4550_thermometer.pdf.
If you'd like to build similar device I would recommend using rather PIC18F2550 or 2450 (smaller package) and generic HID firmware (no driver required and no problems with serial COM port number changing after e.g. plugging device to another socket).

Version 3. Hardware: ATmega32 + ISA network adapter (microserver) and MAX6608 as temperature sensor.
ATmega32, NE2000 thermometer

Version 4. Sensor changed to Sensirion SHT11 (temperature + relative humidity). 22.02.2008 added pressure sensor MPXA6115A.

Version 5. Microserver changed to device with PIC18F67J60.
PIC18F67J60 thermometer

Version 6. ATmega32/SHT11/MPXA6115A (same as v4) + ESP8266 (WiFi link).

Version 7. ESP8266 + BMP180 + Si7021 (WiFi link).


20.06.2015 ESP8266 + BMP180 + Si7021.

25.10.2014 ESP8266 + AVR + SHT11 + MPX6115A.

25.07.2008 Moved to PIC18F67J60 microserver - SHT11 with PIC18F2550 test project.

31.03.2008 Restored integration with database - added TCP/HTTP client code to microserver to store data asynchronously.

22.02.2008 Added MPXA6115A pressure sensor. Sensor voltage is adapted with differentional amplifier to match ADC input range (atmospheric pressure changes are relatively low). Complete analog front-end (sensor + amplifier + ADC) was calibrated using LMS method and reference pressure sensor.
pressure sensor scheme

12.08.2007 Sensor changed to Sinsirion SHT11 - temperature and relative humidity measurement. Small library with CRC bitwise calculation for AVR (+ test example for ATmega8):

19.05.2007 New hardware, ATmega32/RTL8019 microserver, should work nearly 24/7. Integration with custom FreeGG build.

01.12.2005 DevCpp client, binary z użyciem Dev-C++ (libwsock32.a). source

18.11.2005 New hardware, PIC18F4550/DS1820/USB.

10.11.2005 Simple graph using phplot library.

09.11.2005 New server written with BCB

21.10.2005 AQQ communicator plugin (Delphi2k5 Personal).

01.10.2005 Lua-skript for Unicom communicator.

24.07.2005 FreeGG plugin

20.05.2005 ActiveX control for IE, Sources (VC6, ATL).

??.??.200? First version, ATmega8 connected to RS232, LabWindows TCP server.

diagram systemu

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