Integrating tSIP with EX-03 USB phone

tSIP 0.1.28 introduced plugin system intended to help integrating with 3rd party hardware and/or software. First available implementation is plugin for EX-03 USB phone.

Plugin setup:

Plugin uses phone HID interface directly, so skype tool distributed with application is not needed - it may actually collide with it when two application would try to open device same time. No drivers etc. are needed.


Markings on the PCB indicating that it is shared with EX-02 model (similar form but without display). Judging by same kind of display used same hardware is also shared with "Nokia 3210 - like" EX-B USB phone.

Phone is based on Cypress CY7C64713 microcontroller with USB device and Winbond W6813105 codec. Audio quality is not good - there is lot of "digital" noise, although this can be partially fixed by reducing volume with resistor in series with audio output - it's pretty loud anyway. You can also forget about any kind of "HD audio" as audio device that phone is representing supports only 8kHz sampling rate.
Microphone volume level is very high, too high by default actually - I had to reduce it to 12% with windows mixed to make it usable when using handset.
In idle state plugin displays date/time. Antenna icon is used as indicator for correct registration to SIP server.
"OK" button is used to start calling after dialing, "C" works as backspace. Call can be ended by putting handset on hook and incoming call can be accepted by taking the handset.
"Call screen":

Project files

2015.04.11 PhoneEX03.7z: source code + binary

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