tSIP softphone: GUI customization

tSIP 0.2 adds a lot of options for GUI customization.

Area for up to 180 programmable buttons/panels (now called button container) covers now whole application window, while "normal" part of the softphone is split into call panel and main panel (Dialpad/Contacts/History) than can be disabled and positioned independently.
tSIP 0.2 layout

Note: further changes to the layout and options to customize dialpad panel were added later in version 0.2.02.

Programmable buttons/panels int tSIP 0.2 can be moved and resized. There is also dozen of new settings in button configuration.

Small, 15-button "basic" container can now be packed more thighly:
tSIP 0.2 basic button container

By default buttons are moved and resized with grid (default size = 4 pixels). Holding shift while moving/resizing overrides it, exact position and size can be also directly entered in button settings.

Example below if fully skinned with bitmaps and whole GUI replaced with custom "script" buttons. It is configured to call to sip2sip.info (3333, 4444 available as test numbers). Paint.NET project file for this beautiful graphics is also included.

tSIP_0_2_custom.7z - executable, scripts, bitmaps
tSIP GUI customization

Buttons can be also combined visually to create presence (online/offline status) + dialog-info (idle/ringing/confirmed call) group:
tSIP: presence + dialog info button combination

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