Video Player

Video Player screenshot

This is simple Windows GUI for mplayer. It is continuation of OperaVideoCachePlayer, but it has removed Opera cache browser (as Opera 12 is pretty much irrelevant now) and added some general purpose features.

When stopped this application presents playlist-oriented interface, somehow inspired by Foobar2000. Application is controlled with context menus associated with playlist tabs and file lists.

During playback application has borderless, resizeable and draggable window and can be controlled by keyboard, mimicking mplayer itself but without console window.

Basic key usage while playing:

pause/resume playback
stop playback
O or mouse right button
toggle OSD modes
toggle fullscreen
seeking (left/right = -/+ 3s, top/down = -/+ 60s)
mouse scroll
volume control

Download: VideoPlayer.exe

Note: mplayer for Windows has to be downloaded separately ( or e.g. as a part of SMPlayer). Path to mplayer should be put then in VideoPlayer.exe settings.


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