Archos 2 8GB mp3 player (EM184RB)

8 GB mp3 (+ sort of mp4) player from 2009. It received mixed reviews (, I do agree that controls are not intuitive (though for practical reasons I still would prefer it over touch screen from Archos Vision 3cam) and 10 hours of playback time are not impressive, I wouldn't be picky about sound quality here.

Glossy plastic front can catch scratches with time.
Archos 2

Metal back seems easy to remove without making permanent damage.
Surprisingly LiIon cell looks to be still in a good condition.
Archos 2

RK2602A SoC - one of first popular RockChip devices.
Hynix H27UCG8VFMTR 8GB NAND, MLC, 4 kB page size, 48 nm.
Archos 2

AR1010 FM radio tuner. It DOES NOT look like a TEA5767 clone - it has 18 registers and features volume control.
Archos 2

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