tSIP softphone: editing settings with JSONedit

tSIP configuration is stored in JSON files - tSIP.json for "main" part and tSIP_buttons.json for configuration of all programmable buttons. Prior to 2016.02 whole configuration was stored in single file, but as button part of the configuration started to grow (with both number of options per button and total number of programmable buttons) it was separated to reduce amount of data to be written when button configuration is not changing and window position is stored on application close and to makes it easier to share button settings between PCs.

Button configuration may grow quite large with nearly 200 available buttons. As tSIP does not currently is missing for mass management of these options, using JSON editor for operations like duplicating, copying and reordering buttons is recommended.

tSIP settings files are encoded with ANSI (non-Unicode) code page and for editing them I'm recommending using JSONedit, version 0.9.x. To make it easy to navigate the array of button objects use "extended description" function for tree view:

JSONedit: extended object description

With this setting "caption" configuration element would be displayed with each button object:

JSONedit: extended object description

List view is especially useful for quick filtering nodes with full-text search or (thanks to multiselect) edit properties of multiple buttons at once:

JSONedit: extended object description

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