JSONedit: CSV import

CSV to JSON conversion wizard

CSV import was introduced in JSONedit 0.9. Thanks to CSV import spreadsheet software can be used for effective array creation and editing. Spreadsheets offer plenty of content generation capabilities that would be pretty hard to reproduce in own software.

Most important CSV to JSON conversion limitation is lack of possibility to generate complex (nested) JSON structure.

JSONedit CSV reader follows pretty stricly RFC4180 recommendations:

Conversion methods

There are three CSV to JSON conversion styles. Source spreadsheet (Libre Office):
CSV to JSON conversion with JSONedit, source data: Libre Office

Row to object ("Properties") Column to array ("Column array") Row to array ("Row array")
First row is treated as header. Each following row is transformed into object with elements named as header fields. Each spreadsheet column is transformed into array of elements. Table is named after corresponding header row element. Each row is transformed into separate array. If first first row is a header and should be ignored it can be easily deleted with tree editor.
CSV to JSON conversion, row to object CSV to JSON conversion, column to array CSV to JSON conversion, row to array

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