Mini-PCB for SPI/QSPI Flash matching pinout of STM32 Nucleo board.

Some Nucleo boards have have QSPI pins arranged next to each other:

Nucleo QSPI connector
Note: check if microcontroller really has QSPI peripheral. STM32F429ZI has no QSPI, but QSPI is still printed on its Nucleo silkscreen as same PCB is used also with other 144-pins microcontrollers.
I have designed mini PCB with pins matching directly Nucleo, using Libre PCB because I had reliability issues with QSPI Flash connected to Nucleo board even with relatively short (10 cm) cables. With this PCB similar Flash was operating correctly with clock speed up to 100 MHz (but at 110 MHz it was failing, even when reading memory ID).
Note: Vcc still needs separate jumper cable - there are only 6 signal pins (chip select, clock and four I/O lines) and ground on CN10 Nucleo connector.

STM32 Nucleo QSPI Flash PCB

STM32 Nucleo QSPI Flash PCB
Nucleo QSPI connector
Libre PCB files:
Mirrored copper layer for toner transfer.

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