Miniscope v2d - example traces

Few examples of traces both generated and captured with miniscope v2d (generator output connected back to oscilloscope input).
All of these traces were generated with 400kHz DAC feeding frequency (that is example 10kHz traces consist of 40 samples per period) using standard shape generator (that is not hand-drawn like on video) with 2Vpp span and 1.65V offset.

10 kHz sinus 10kHz sinus

20 kHz sinus 20kHz sinus

40 kHz sinus 40kHz sinus

10 kHz square 10kHz square

20 kHz square 20kHz square

40 kHz square 40kHz square

10 kHz triangle 10kHz triangle

10 kHz sawtooth 10kHz sawtooth

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