tSIP: playing radio during a call

In tSIP video (and only video) version new baresip module was added - avformat. This module works as both video and audio source and one of the example uses is streaming video and audio from the same mp4 file. Avformat accepts also mp3 files and links to http-based radio stations.

Using internet radio as audio source might be a gimmick, but it is very convenient for long term SIP audio testing. When combined with tSIP RTP multicast/unicast streaming capability it can be also as a music source for PA audio system.

Version has an issue with AAC-based radio stations - at the start of call audio is sped up and choppy for up to 15 seconds. Fix for this would be included in the next build.

With current FFmpeg build https URLs are not supported.

Example configuration:
tSIP: internet radio as audio input

FFmpeg avformat module obviously can be also used in configuration of programmable button switching audio source during a call. It would make sense to configure multiple buttons with different radio stations.
tSIP: internet radio as audio input

http://www.emsoft.ct8.pl/strumienie.php - Polish internet radio stations directory. These links are presented as Winamp playlists, to get real URL open playlist file in any text viewer/editor.

It would be hightly recommended to use/prioritize wideband audio codecs when transmitting music - L16 with at least 16000 samples per second, Opus or G.722. If compatibility with desk phones or paging systems is important, G.722 might be default and safe option.

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