Cbz/cbr file converter

Helper utility for cbz/cbr files (comic books mostly) content scaling and converting to WebP (as default) format:

Depending on resampling used output files are at least 2.5 times smaller than source with subjectionably neglectable quality loss. When combining conversion to WebP with 50% resampling from 1920px output files are typically 10 times smaller than source.

Application is native and portable, settings are stored in local ini file, there are no dependencies on any runtime framework or non-standard dlls (except for those distributed along with it, i.e. 7z.dll).

Note: source files are immediately extracted to temporary subdirectories which allows browsing/editing content before converting. Make sure you have enough disk space to extract all queued files.

Cbr/cbz converter

Currently application has 260 characters paths limitations. It's recommended to run application from location near to drive root if converted files have long names (application is creating temporary subdirectories with same names as file names and extracts file contents to them).

For WebP and CBR/CBZ in general I'd like to recommend SumatraPdf - great open source reader with WebP support (official since version 2.4): http://blog.kowalczyk.info/software/sumatrapdf/free-pdf-reader.html. It also supports AVIF in prelease version since ~2022.08.

CbxConverter and Wine

CbxConverter 0.8.1 (using cwebp.exe) seems to work with Wine / Ubuntu 16. CbxConverter 0.9 and newer is using magick.exe and apparently there are some runtime dlls missing. I haven't tried copying them from windows - to get list of missing dlls run "wine magick.exe" from linux terminal.

Note: if you are getting ["magick.exe" - Application Error] - [The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)] error then most likely Visual C++ runtime libraries are missing. Looking into magick.exe binary this seems to be "Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013" (MSVCR120.dll, VCOMP120.DLL).

Unicode version

CbxConverter_Unicode.7z - this is basically identical to version 0.12.2 but built with C++ Builder Community 10.3 and supporting Unicode. "Regular" version is not supporting Unicode and is not able to process files and folders with characters outside of ANSI set in name. Personally I think these files are pretty rare. This version is not well tested and I would recommend regular version in general.

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