Record browser for tSIP

tSIP softphone stores call recordings as wave files in its subdirectory. Files are playable by any audio player and record metadata is put into file name (with little complication from phone number being encoded with base64 with modified alphabet, although they still may be hard to manage as their number is growing.

This simple application presents records as sortable list with text filter. It lists files from \\recordings\\ subdirectory - just place executable in same place as tSIP softphone.

RecordViewer for tSIP softphone

Integrating with tSIP

For quick access to RecordViewer consider adding "Execute" button to tSIP:
tSIP button for RecordViewer.exe
As with every programmable button - global and/or local hotkey (or even multiple hotkeys) can be added to it allowing to start RecordViewer even if tSIP sits in system tray.

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