LanTick PE-0-8 plugin for tSIP

Very simple plugin connecting to LanTick PE-0-8 and reading its digital inputs state over TCP (port 9761 by default). State of the inputs and state of TCP connection (for diagnostic purposes) is saved to Lua variable accessible to Lua scripts using variables.

To connect to multiple devices: create multiple copies of dll with different names, enable plugins in tSIP and the close it. Edit IP addresses and/or ports in settings files that are named after dlls and created after the first run. Variables accessible to Lua would have different names based on dll names.

Note: when I have tested it years ago I've found that this device had suprisingly common and dangerous issue - it was not implementing any kind of keepalive over TCP. Sudden abruption of connection (e.g. detaching Ethernet cable and waiting few minutes) was leaving socket indefinitely in use. As number of available sockets/connection was limited it was easy to render device unusable (not accepting new connection) this way. I can say though that after contacting manufacturer this issue was quickly acknowledged and I believe fixed in a new firmware version. Although in a meantime I've switched reading method from TCP port 9761 to HTTP (which is another variant of this plugin), so I did not tested the fix.

Source and binary

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