USB HID telefony plugin for tSIP

This plugin is very similar to HidControl.dll, but it is dedicated to handling USB devices supporting HID Telephony profile (0xB) - this would be mainly USB headsets. It also tries to control ring and call state LEDs of the device. With HID usages mechanism it should also theoretically work with different devices without the need for any configuration.



When handling HID report reception this DLL first tries to match it against report list defined in its configuration, reportActions array. If no match is found, DLL is looking through device usages for matches.

Plugin settings are contained in HidPhone.cfg file that is created first time after HidPhone.dll was enabled in tSIP and then tSIP was closed. It can be then edited with any text editor or JSON editor.


Source and binary

This DLL was built with Code::Blocks 16.01/MinGW. Using newer version of Code::Blocks might be more difficult as it looks like 32-bit libraries (hid.a, setupapi.a) are no longer distributed with Code::Blocks 20.


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