JSONedit: testing

Version 0.10 adds support for UTF-8. It is built with different compiler/IDE version and should be treated as unstable. Regressions are expected and UTF-8 support may be not complete - please report any problems.

If you do not need Unicode support (or if you are fine with US-ASCII character subset that UTF-8 is compatible with) version 0.9 should be preferred.

This version also has 2 times larger executable (~5.5MB total: is it VCL/runtime bloat over 10 years?) and is two times slower when loading JSON than previous.

Changelog and downloads

At the moment this branch is behind main as it is based on version 0.9.19. It looks like UTF-8 support is not that needed as it seemed and on my side using new C++ Builder Starter is little painful due to limited debugging functionality.

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