Miniscope v2b

Miniscope v2b is a low cost PC/USB miniature oscilloscope/analog signal recorder based on AT91SAM7S64 microcontroller. This is a direct successor of miniscope v2/v2a. Specification:

Scheme: miniscope_v2b_20110623.pdf
Eagle files:

Device library for miniscope v4, sources are shared with miniscope v2a: armscope_dma_1ch_dll_0_1_5.7z. Changes since version 0.1.4 (miniscope v2a):

2012.10.06 Thanks to Openmoko assigning USB PIDs to open source projects miniscope v2b has got it's own unique VID = 0x1d50, PID = 0x604e pair.
Update firmware, driver files and dll for miniscope v4:

Miniscope V2b Eagle PCB
Miniscope V2b PCB
Miniscope V2b assembly


PCB fits well inside KM-4 enclosure (90x60x27 mm). It is fastened with four M3 screws and distance bushes that also hold rubber feets.
PCB and rubber feets fastening with M3 screws and distance bushes

It is much smaller than enclosure used with older v2 although it seems less sturdy.
Miniscope v2b assembled
Miniscope v2b next to v2

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