/proc/diskstats formatter

Converting content of Linux /proc/diskstats to more readable form. See https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/ABI/testing/procfs-diskstats for file documentation.

/proc/diskstats content:


skip rows (devices) with no reads and no writes


Dev number Dev name Reads completed successfully Reads merged Sectors read Time spent reading [ms] Writes completed Writes merged Sectors written Time spent writing [ms] I/Os in progress Time spent doing I/Os [ms] Weighted time spent doing I/Os Discards Discards merged Sectors discarded Time spent discarding Flush requests completed Flush time

To get a list of recently modified files (either content or permissions modification) use:

	cd /
	find . -xdev -ctime -0.2

where -0.2 = "not older than 0.2 days", -xdev = don't descend into directories that are mount points

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